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The subject of the gold coin highlights the importance of open exchange of information in Finnish society

The subject is very current: Journalism and Free Press Supporting Finnish Democracy

The subject of the gold coin highlights the importance of open exchange of information in Finnish society. The idea of an informed and active citizenry is the traditional foundation of the Finnish view on democracy. The desire to ensure every citizen’s equal access to the best information possible is at the core of this idea.

The gold coin also celebrates the centennial of the Union of Journalists in Finland. The main task of the Union is to defend journalism and its ethical rules, and to promote freedom of expression.

Hannu Jasoni Veijalainen, designer of the coin, says that the pictorial subject is presented in a modern, dynamically abstract style. ”The averse features stylized male and female figures, and the information networks surrounding them like a ribbon, symbolise the open exchange of information in Finnish journalism. The spiral pattern of points on the reverse symbolizes the visual journalism in our environment, and information spreading in the world.”

In compliance with a decree issued by the Ministry of Finance the face value of the coin is 100 euro, and it is to be struck in mirror-like proof finish in gold of 91.7% purity; its diameter is 22 mm, and its mass 5.65 grams. The maximum issue is 950 coins, of which 300 will be numbered. The gold coin costs 599 euro. The numbered coins are priced at 695 euro.

The gold coin will be issued on 28 March 2021. Pre-sale of the coin will start on 12 March 2021.

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