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A Hundred Years of The Finnish National Ballet — New Finnish Gold coin will be issued 17th January

The only Finnish gold coin year 2022 commemorates the centennial of the Finnish National Ballet.

The essence and power of dance also play the main role in the topic pictured on the commemorative gold coin of 2022, named ”Kukoistus” (Splendour). Rosita Kivinen, the designer of the commemorative coin, has approached the topic with a feel that is simultaneously contemporary, dynamic and bold. The theme of free and expressive movement gives rise to successful dialogue between both sides of the gold coin.

The first Finnish special 2 euro coin for this year (to be issued 11th February) will also celebrate the Finnish National Ballet and has the same design as the gold coin. Pre-sale of this coin starts 17th January.

The National Ballet of Finland will celebrate its centennial in 2022 Swan Lake, premiered in January 1922, was the first ballet performed in Finland, and thus a remarkable event in the cultural life of Finland. By the time it premiered in Helsinki in 1922, it had only ever been performed by Russian and Czech ballet groups. Even the president K. J. Ståhlberg was seen in the presidential box with his wife.

Over the past hundred years, the Finnish National Ballet has grown from a small semi-professional group to a full-scale professional ballet, capable of presenting major classical ballets in their entirety.


Gold coin

Metal: 91,7 % gold
Denomination: 100 euro
Quality: Proof
Diameter: 22 mm
Weight: 5,65 g
Issue: 950 coins, of which 350 sequentially numbered
Designer: Rosita Kivinen
Issue date: 17.1.2022

Special 2 euro coin

Metal: CuNi25, CuZn20Ni5/Ni/CuZn20Ni5
Denomination: 2 €
Quality: unc/proof
Diameter: 25,75 mm
Weight: 8,5 g
Year of issue: 2022
Minting country: Finland
Issue: max 400 000 pcs (unc 394 500 pcs, proof 5500 pcs)
Issuing date: 11.2.2022
Designer: Rosita Kivinen

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